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Newcastle, WY

We arrived in Newcastle, WY on August 13th/14th....It was VERY late. We met with Pastor Todd Olson of Cambria Community Baptist Church and he let us into the church to stay the night there, until we could go out to the cabin that he reserved...

Casper, WY

Casper, Wy was, so far, our shortest stay. We arrived in Casper on August 1st. In the last blog about Cheyenne, you will read about the $100 God blessed us with as we were on our way out. It is amazing how God is always faithful, especially...

Cheyenne,  Wyoming 

We came to Cheyenne on July 10th. We started out at the local KOA,  but ultimately wound up at Terry Bison Ranch,  right on the state border. Matt felt all along that our being at the Ranch had something to do with our dog,  Stormie,...


So...we did not leave Westminster on the 19th as planned. Unfortunately, the engine in our Suburban went out. As a family, though, God gave us an amazing peace over the situation. We knew, just like every time before, God would come...

Our Mission

When God puts something on your heart, it can be a scary thing to step out into obedience. Questions can flood your mind. Where do I start? What does it even look like to be obedient? Did I actually hear His voice? Is this even real?

Matt & Erin

Matt and Erin met in April of 2004. They went totally backward and (honestly) unGodly about the way they lived out their lives. They became pregnant with Nehemiah 6 months into their relationship, when they were both just about ready to quit on each other.

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