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OurJesusJourney goes to Taylorsville, Utah

W While in Idaho Falls, Matt was making calls to find the next stop on OurJesusJourney. He was calling the Salt Lake City area churches and got ahold of a church where the Pastor answered the phone. He was talking to him and I could hear a really good...

OurJesusJourney goes to Idaho Falls, Idaho

As soon as we left the Yellowstone and stopped at a McDonald's parking lot to get directions to Idaho Falls from West Yellowstone City, our truck started sputtering and shimmying after we hit a pothole. It was extreme. We were not able to continue on to...

OurJesusJourney goes to Montana

Montana was a strange experience for us…a time of testing yet a time of blessing.

OurJesusJourney goes to Newcastle, WY

We arrived in Newcastle, WY on August 13th/14th....It was VERY late. We met with Pastor Todd Olson of Cambria Community Baptist Church and he let us into the church to stay the night there, until we could go out to the cabin that he reserved...

Our Mission

When God puts something on your heart, it can be a scary thing to step out into obedience. Questions can flood your mind. Where do I start? What does it even look like to be obedient? Did I actually hear His voice? Is this even real?

Matt & Erin

Matt and Erin met in April of 2004. They went totally backward and (honestly) unGodly about the way they lived out their lives. They became pregnant with Nehemiah 6 months into their relationship, when they were both just about ready to quit on each other.

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